CSSconf EU Friday, June 1st 2018 Berlin, Germany


  1. 🍳🍎🥖☕️ Doors Open, Breakfast

  2. Opening Remarks

  3. Sareh Heidari, Whitney Williams: MC Welcome

  4. Trent Willis

    It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This Team
  5. Jackie Balzer

    Preprocessors, Components, and CSS in JS or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Website
  6. ☕️🍌 Coffee Break

    11:10 - Community Lounge Break Program
    - ReDI School / Inana Daher & Obay Mardini
  7. Chen Hui Jing

    When East meets West: web typography and how it can inspire modern layouts
  8. Oliver Williams

    Refactoring with CSS Grid
  9. Razvan Caliman

    We have DevTools. What about DesignTools?
  10. 🥗🍝 Lunch

    13:10 - Community Lounge Lunch Program
    - It’s a volunteer’s world / Dajana Günther
    - Spektrum / Wolf Bittner
    - Simply Secure / Eileen Wagner
    - CSSclasses / Katrin Kampfrath

    VR Installation: Wilde Eastern / Christina Elizabeth Hall
  11. Shwetank Dixit

    Augmenting empathy: Simulating low-vision conditions with CSS, SVG and WebRTC
  12. Mike Riethmuller

    Strategy Guide for CSS Custom Properties
  13. Dag-Inge Aas & Ida Aalen

    Accessible by law! Generating colors with JS and CSS Custom Properties
  14. ☕️🍰 Coffee Break

    16:05 - Community Lounge Break Program
    - Alva / Julian, Markus, Tilman
    - Afrotech Fest / Debs Durojaiye
  15. Lara Schenck

    The Algorithms of CSS
  16. Philip Walton

    Container Queries: the past, future, and how you can actually even use them today
  17. Claudina Sarahe

    Design Systems as Facilitators.
  18. Closing Remarks

  19. 📸👭 Family Photo

  20. 🌳🍔 Garden Dinner

    Community Lounge Dinner Program
    - Meet and Greet (30 mins)

    VR Installation: Wilde Eastern / Christina Elizabeth Hall
  21. 💕JSConf Opening Evening (open for all CSSconf attendees)

    Arena Garden - entrance is at the very end of Eichenstrasse near the river Spree. Yes, the event is outside and it might be rainy, so come prepared!

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