CSSconf EU Friday, June 1st 2018 Berlin, Germany
Photo of Mike Riethmuller

Mike Riethmuller

Mike is an independent web developer from Australia. He has worked on some of Australia’s largest sites as well as some of the smallest community sites. He has a strong interest in front end development and particularly responsive design. Mike has written extensively about techniques for responsive typography and SVG. And now he can’t wait to share with you how custom properties might just change everything about how we approach responsive design in CSS.

Strategy Guide for CSS Custom Properties

Static variables are not always global, but global variables are almost always static, therefore dynamic variables should almost always be local. Did you follow that? If not, you might need to see my talk. I will cover HOW to use CSS variables correctly for things like: theming, responsive design, prototyping, animation and much more. A practical guide that tells you more than how the syntax works.

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