CSSconf EU Friday, June 1st 2018 Berlin, Germany


CSSconf EU is made possible by the work of many volunteers who spend a lot of time and love preparing a fantastic day for you.


Photo of Kristina Schneider

Kristina Schneider

Organizer since 2013

Photo of Polly Hristova

Polly Hristova

Organizer since 2017


Organizer Alumni

Photo of Kevin Lorenz

Kevin Lorenz

2015 – 2017

Photo of Michael P. Pfeiffer

Michael P. Pfeiffer

2013 – 2015


Core Team

Photo of Lucie Höhler

Lucie Höhler

Photo of Lukasz Klis

Lukasz Klis

Photo of Martin Schuhfuss

Martin Schuhfuss

Photo of Nicolas Zimmel

Nicolas Zimmel

Photo of Olivia Hugger

Olivia Hugger

Photo of Sean Fridman

Sean Fridman

Photo of Silke Voigts

Silke Voigts


The JSConf EU Family

Photo of Felicitas Kugland

Felicitas Kugland

Photo of Holger Blank

Holger Blank

Photo of Jan Lehnardt

Jan Lehnardt

Photo of Malte Ubl

Malte Ubl

Photo of Megan Christian

Megan Christian

Photo of Simone Haas

Simone Haas


The Community Lounge Team

Photo of Michele Guido

Michele Guido

Photo of Vanessa Yuen

Vanessa Yuen



Photo of Meno Abels

Meno Abels


The Alumni

Since 2013, many volunteers have contributed to making CSSconf EU happen. Thanks and love to all of you, in no particular order: Lena Reinhard, Jed Schmidt, Robin Mehner, Kida Mehner, Minja Töniges, Robert Fleischmann, Philip von Bargen, Karl Westin, Katharina Jockenhöfer, Alex Feyerke, Max Fellmuth, Helge, Anne Wizorek, Jana Ahrens, Ola Gasidlo, Katrin Kampfrath, Lourdes Montano.

The CSSconf Family

Our international CSSconf family has been supportive with advice, hands-on help and friendship. Special thanks to Nicole Sullivan, CSSconf AU, Thomas Gorissen, CSSconf Nordic, CSSconf Budapest for ongoing support and friendship!


Many of our behind-the-scene staff has been working with us for years, and won’t stop to amaze us with their fantastic work, ideas, and stress resistance. Thanks for all your hard work and creative contributions to the conference!

Björn Kloos + artribute-team: Vivienne Popp, Jule Küppers, Tim Felix Dreske, Philipp Großmann, Gregor Elsner, Harald Höllrigl, Sven Kunze, Amin Motamedi – Event Planning and Project Management, Catering, Event Technology, Stage and Grandstand Construction, Furniture, Decorations

Marina Ostrowski – Concept, Art Consulting

WECAP – Video Recording

keep on – Moodfilm

Siebdruckwerkstatt Neukölln – Screen Printing, Shirts & Bags

Part of the international CSSconf family