CSSconf EU Friday, June 1st 2018 Berlin, Germany


Meet the people behind CSSconf EU

This event is made possible by the work of the many volunteers who spend a lot of time pouring their blood and sweat into preparing a fantastic day for you.

The Organizers

Kristina Schneider @kriesse

Polly Hristova @rtrospekt

The Volunteer Team

Felicitas Kugland @kotzendekrabbe

Simone Haas @haas_simone

Łukasz Klis @lukaszklis

Lucie Höhler @autofocus

Silke Voigts @silkine

Martin Schuhfuss @usefulthink

Nicolas Zimmel @toomanyclouds

Sean Fridman @sfrdmn

Michael P. Pfeiffer @m_p_pfeiffer

Kevin Lorenz @verpixelt

Olivia Hugger @dog_awoo

Part of the international CSSconf family