CSSconf EU Friday, June 1st 2018 Berlin, Germany
Photo of Philip Walton

Philip Walton

Philip Walton is an engineer working on Chrome and the Web Platform at Google. Philip has been working professionally with the web for over 12 years, on both large and small teams. He likes to write and speak about new web technologies, and he’s authored and contributed to many open source libraries and tools that help developers use the best parts of the web today.

Container Queries: The Past, Future, and How You Can Actually Even Use Them Today

Container queries have been one of (if not the) most requested CSS features for several years now, and yet there are no specifications attempting to design them nor browser vendors attempting to implement them. Why is that?

The truth is that while high-level CSS container query APIs aren’t currently being worked on, several low-level web primitives are being developed that will make container queries possible. In this talk I’ll present the history of container queries, explore the challenges they present, and show you how several new browser APIs actually do make container queries possible today.

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