CSSconf EU Friday, June 1st 2018 Berlin, Germany
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Oliver Williams

Ollie Williams is a frontend developer from London. He works at the publishing company Springer Nature. He has contributed to CSS Tricks and SitePoint

Refactoring with CSS Grid

Is CSS grid ready for production? Find out from somebody who’s used grid on a large site - all while supporting Internet Explorer. I’ll discuss what I’ve already refactored with grid and what I plan to refactor once forthcoming features (display:contents and subgrid) are more widely implemented by browsers. I’ll show how I handled Internet Explorer and older browsers using @supports and simple fallback layouts. After working on a site that used javascript and backend logic together with floats to implement layouts, I’ll explain how I managed to refactor to use a pure CSS only approach thanks to grid. Working with grid also offers the perfect opportunity to start using CSS custom properties - because all browsers that support CSS grid also support custom properties.

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