CSSconf EU Friday, June 1st 2018 Berlin, Germany
Photo of Razvan Caliman

Razvan Caliman

Razvan is a web developer at Mozilla working on Firefox DevTools. Previously, he worked at Adobe on the development of CSS Shapes, CSS Regions, CSS Masking and Blend Modes, and many others that didn’t make it.

We have DevTools. What about DesignTools?

The DevTools in all current modern browsers provide a valuable set of instruments for web developers to create, inspect and debug their work. But what about web designers?

Sophisticated tools for creating and experimenting freely with CSS have been missing from browsers. But there’s a recent uptick in specialised tools for CSS which bring the creative empowerment web designers expect from professional editors right into their browser: tools like the CSS Grid Inspector in Firefox, in-context editors for CSS Shapes, fonts, animations, transforms, gradients, backgrounds and many others.

This talk provides an overview of the specialised tools for CSS available today and ventures a look ahead at the tooling opportunities that will give web designers the creative freedom they need in order to truly design in the browser.

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