CSSconf EU Friday, June 1st 2018 Berlin, Germany
Photo of Lara Schenck

Lara Schenck

Lara Schenck is a freelance Front-end and WordPress developer living in Los Angeles. She is passionate about exploring how code works and loves to share her findings through teaching, writing, and mentorship.

A self-taught developer, Lara questioned the place of traditional Computer Science knowledge in the work of a web developer, particularly with regards to technical interviewing. Over time she found that an understanding of the fundamentals is an investment well-worth making. Lara inspires all of us who work with the web to seek a deeper understanding of the code we write and the tools we use.

The Algorithms of CSS

“CSS isn’t a ‘real’ programming language,” we CSS developers are often reminded — we don’t write programs, we describe presentation. Algorithms and CSS, then, don’t exactly go hand-in-hand…or do they?

From the cascade to Grid Layout to our own design systems, we may not write algorithms in the same fashion as other programming languages, but we sure do use them!

This talk will document a self-taught developer’s mission to bridge the gap between CSS and Computer Science by way of algorithms. True, CSS is not a programming language like the others, but an understanding of the fundamentals can benefit our code just the same.

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