CSSconf EU Friday, June 1st 2018 Berlin, Germany
Photo of Ida Aalen

Ida Aalen

Ida Aalen is Chief Product Officer and co-founder of the video conferencing startup Confrere. Ida has 10 years of experience with UX and content strategy. Before joining Confrere, she worked for seven years at the consultancy Netlife Design.

She’s especially happy when she gets to work with people from other fields than her own. She’s passionate about user testing and user research, and has made it her mission to prove that there’s no such thing as no time or no resources for user testing. You can check out her writings on Medium or A list apart - and she’s always happy to chat on Twitter.

Accessible by Law! Generating Colors with JS and CSS Custom Properties

In Norway, all websites are required by law to be accessible. That has inspired us rather than constrained us when building our video consultation service. How could we make it easy for users to pick their own brand color, and still make sure they had sufficient contrast? Combining CSS Custom Properties with a sprinkle of JavaScript we were able to create a color palette and components that also meet the WCAG criteria (and learned a lot on the way).

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